Partnering with GOPA Group companies

We are proud of the trusting and long standing relationships we have built with our partner companies and consortium members all over the world, with many of whom we have worked for years. GOPA Group is always looking to expand and diversify its collaboration portfolio.

Our contact network worldwide enables us to begin building relationships with local partners for future work at the very early stages of a project. 

Our industry is competitive and fast-paced. If you share our commitment to performing to the highest technical standards and are able to find new solutions to development challenges, please contact us.

Executive Leadership Team
Coordination: Thomas Franke

Tel.: +49-6172-930-328
Fax: +49-6172-930-300

Or get into contact with one of our member companies directly:

AFC Consultants International 
Johannes Buschmeier 

B&S Europe
Rafael Comenge

EPOS Health Management
Inke Fabian de Barreto

Antoine Rivet

GOPA Consultants
Berthold Averweg

GOPA - International Energy Consultants
Klaus Langschied

GOPA Infra
Mathias Lueg